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4 Ways to Fund Your Sports Betting App Account

You have choices for how you deposit money to bet on your favorite teams or sport events. From credit or debit card to an online payment system to e-check, there are different options available, but only Play+ gives you the most convenient funding method, making it the smartest way to fund your football fun.

Take a closer look at the four main ways to bet money online with a sportsbook, and see which one is best for you.

  1. Yes, you can use an online payment system to bet online. It’s a popular and trusted way to make deposits into sportsbook accounts. The downside is the cash-out wait period can take a few days, so you have to wait to spend your winnings.
  2. If you want to transfer funds directly from your checking account into your sportsbook account you’ll have to use e-check. With e-check deposits, there are minimums and maximums, and it may take up to two business days to post to your account.
  3. Credit cards and debit cards are trusted and usually reliable, except when it comes to online gambling sites. Sometimes card-issuing banks will decline gambling transactions, and if yours does go through, your bank may consider it cash advance and charge you a fee.
  4. Play+ is the most convenient funding option because it was designed for sports and casino gaming. It is also the only funding option that accepts all of the other methods we just listed. That’s right, you can fund your Play+ account via e-check, credit card, debit card, cash at select retail locations and an online payment system with select sportsbooks. Once you have enrolled and funded your Play+ account, you will have quick access to your funds, without the delays associated with other methods. You will have peace of mind funding your fun knowing Play+ is secure and FDIC-insured. Play+ also comes with a prepaid debit card to use at stores, restaurants and ATMs that you can add to your favorite digital wallet. Plus, you’ll have easy, quick access to your winnings to spend or play again. 

Ways to Cash Out Your Winnings

Your football team just beat the spread, and you won your bet – congrats! Now what? Depending on how you choose to withdraw your sports bet winnings — from Play+ to an online payment system to paper check — your bet payout times can range from ASAP to “any day now.” Here, we run down the average timelines of the most popular bet payout methods.

  • Quick Access: When you fund your sports bets with Play+, you receive access to your winnings in a snap. 
  • 24-48 Hours: Bettors who fund with an online payment system can expect to wait one to two days for the process to complete.
  • 3-5 Business Days: If you are using your online bank account for transfers, the sportsbook may have an approval period before it gets to the bank – for an additional several-day deposit process.
  • 7-14 Business Days: Getting a check in the mail takes the longest to process and receive, and this method may also require a higher minimum as well as a larger fee.  
The Newest States for Legal Sports Bets In 2021-2022

Three years after the game-changing 2018 Supreme Court ruling that ended Nevada’s monopoly on legal sports betting (— thanks, New Jersey!) — nearly half of the United States has legalized sports betting. State by state, a variety of bills have passed since then to allow legal sports betting., and this this year has given sports fans in Arizona, Connecticut, Florida and Maryland even more reasons to look forward to football season. Is online sports betting legal in these states, too? You bet it is.

The 48th state to join the United States is now the 16th state to legalize gambling. Arizonans aged 21 and older will have access to nearly two dozen online and brick-and-mortar sportsbooks, offering plenty of options even when betting remotely. DraftKings, FanDuel and Caesars are just a few. 

With Connecticut joining New York and New Jersey in legalizing gambling, the tri-state sports betting trifecta is complete. Sports betting in Connecticut is operated by two state tribal nations and the Connecticut Lottery. Persons 21 years of age and older can wager on sports with DraftKings and FanDuel

Although legal sports betting in Florida won’t kick off in time for the first NFL games of the season, fans will still have plenty of football season left to wager on. An October launch is on the sunny horizon and will allow Florida’s Seminole Tribe to offer retail and online sports betting to adults 21 and over. Which online sportsbooks will be available in Florida is still TBD, but expect Hard Rock Casino to be one of them.

The sports betting market is going to be wide open in Maryland when legal sports betting becomes active sometime during the 2021-22 NFL season. That’s because the state agreed to allow for a whopping 30 retail sportsbooks and 60 online mobile sportsbooks, including FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars and TwinSpires.

Get the Scoop on All the States Where Online Sports Betting Is Legal

The list of states that have legalized gambling continues to multiply. Between Super Bowl LIV and Super Bowl LV, six states made sports betting legal: Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Montana, Tennessee and Virginia. The District of Columbia also got in on the action and passed legalization as well. And by the time Super Bowl LVI kicks off, four more states — Arizona, Connecticut, Florida and Maryland — will have been added to the roster of states with legal sports betting.

Maybe you’re an online sports betting rookie and want to learn more. Or perhaps you’re changing zip codes, and want to know if you’re moving to one of the states where sports betting is legal. Either way, here’s the rundown of states with legal online sports betting in the U.S., the year legal gambling was initiated and whether you can use Play+ there to fund your sportsbook account.

Football Sports Betting 101: From Terms to Techniques

You’re a passionate football fan, which means you know the Eagles from the Jets and the Ravens from the Raiders. But do you know a “dime” from a “nickel” and the difference between “props” and “parlays”? Get to know the hot betting terms with this helpful glossary of the most common sports betting terminology and techniques. And when you’re comfortable that you know how sports betting works, you’ll enjoy the game — and the gaming — even more.

Dime: A dime is gambling lingo for $1,000.

Even money: The odds are considered 50-50. When you wager $10, you win $10.

Favorite: The expected winner in a game.

Futures: Betting on a team’s season-long success. Futures are offered in advance of any season and get adjusted as the games unfold.

Hedging: When you hedge a bet, you bet the opposing side of our original bet to ensure some profit or limit potential losses. Hedging is commonly done with futures bets, but can be done on other types of bets as well.

Over/Under: When you’re betting on the over/under, you’re betting on the total combined points in a game or the number of games a team will win in the season. Also called “O/U.”

Nickel: A nickel is gambling lingo for $500.

Parlay: You’re betting on multiple teams to win or multiple outcomes to occur. For your parlay bet to win, all outcomes must be selected correctly.

Point spreads: A spread is the number of points by which the favorite is expected to beat the underdog. With a spread bet, the expected winner has to win by that number of points for your bet to pay off. Betting on the spread makes uneven matchups with an expected winner more interesting.

Prop bets: These special wagers are not normally on the betting board, but they can make the game more interesting, especially the big games. Prop bets include wagers like betting on which team will score first.

Underdog: The underdog is the team expected to lose.

Learning how to bet on sports starts with learning the lingo and soon enough you’ll be a fluent sports bettor. Welcome to the tribe.

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